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Diaconate Formation Journey by Daniel Hurd

On Sunday 20th July 2014 I was Ordained by Archbishop Bernard Longley as a Permanent Deacon and appointed to the serve the parishes of Holy Trinity Sutton Coldfield and Sacred Heart, Four Oaks.

As I look back on this journey, I am increasingly aware of my gratitude to so many people in the parish who have helped and aided me along this path. First place will always belong to Azora, my wife, but of course extends to Father Michael Ho and all the parishioners who have supported me with their encouragement and prayers - thank you so much!

At various times along this journey, as part of the formal process, Azora is required to write formally to confirm her personal consent. In many ways it illustrates the partnership needed in this endeavour. It also prompts a saying within the diaconate that (with a little humour) defines the chain of authority that a deacon is under - God, wife, Bishop, Priest! I like it particularly because it expresses well that deacons are called to serve and to put themselves last. This is not always easy, and I am sure I have failed in this many times. Yet, I am always reflective on this point, and hopeful to continue to offer the parish this kind of service. As always, it is a great privilege and honour to be assisting you in the various celebrations that form part of my on-going ministry.


Congratulations to Rev Mr Daniel Hurd who was ordained to the Diaconate at St Chad's Cathedral on 20th July.

More pictures of the day are available on St Chad's Website here


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