Wishes to thank the parishioners of Sacred Heart for his wonderful Retirement Mass and Celebration.  It was a truly memorable event.  The packed church, the magnificent music and singing, the real sense of thanksgiving to God for his many blessings in the Parish for the last 37 years.  What pleased Father above all was that, as the Parishioners made their way slowly to obtain their lunch, they tended not to be with spouses or in normal groups, but higgledy-piggledy, all happily chatting.  He thought a “happy and contented Parish”. 

Father Cousins thanks the Parish for their truly generous cheque for £2,270 and for the other gifts and cards he has received.  He confesses he was completely innocent of what was afoot. 

A very big thank you to Barbara Mattock, his Housekeeper and all who helped her produce this remarkable day-one the Parish can be proud of.  She asks to send her own personal thanks to all who helped her and for keeping it under wraps!