23rd October 2021 Update

Following a meeting this week the parish’s Covid 19 precautions were reviewed. As the level of infections continues to rise, it was agreed that hand-sanitising, social distancing and mask wearing would continue until the situation improved. The government and the Bishops’ Conference are allowing us to decide for ourselves what level of protection we use. However many of our parishioners still feel at risk of the virus and we must keep them safe; we must make our church a Covid -free environment to protect them. As you are aware we have ceased to operate our track and trace system; but our stewards will continue to be on hand to welcome you all into our church. God bless you all.


COVID 19 ROUTE MAP STEP 3   -  MAY 17 2021


Following the successful on-going vaccination programme, the government has decided that certain relaxations of Covid restrictions can be made. And the Bishops’ Conference has endorsed them accordingly.

We are being asked to take more individual responsibility for our (and each other’s) safety. This however comes with a very serious caveat – that the general principles for creating a safe environment are not abandoned!

There is still a very dangerous virus out there, including its variants. So the risks will continue to be measured locally and new procedures either put in place or existing ones allowed to remain.


Until, therefore, we are certain that all of us are beyond risk it is recommended that six key measures to help reduce aerosol and droplet spread remain in place for now:

       v  Use of NHS Track and Trace login or our own register.

       v  Hand sanitiser will continue to be used

       v  Masks will continue to be worn

       v  Distancing of “1 metre plus a mask” will be maintained

       v  Maintaining of adequate ventilation

       v  No congregational singing


Because of these measures, and because we shall concentrate on reducing aerosol/droplet exposure, the intense cleaning regime may be relaxed, with the church being given a “good” clean weekly; and only touch points being cleaned after each service. However, if there is an increase in local covid cases, this policy will be reviewed.


We are already working at about 50% of our normal church capacity, making allowance for family groups and “bubbles” and this will continue. Thus we have safe seating for about 120. Certain celebrations, however, will have attendances determined by the government:

        v  Funerals – limited to the capacity of the church, ie 120 as above

        v  Baptisms

v  If during Mass, then capacity of church. ie 120 as above

v  If stand-alone celebration, 30 limit

        v  Marriages – numbers limited to 30


Following on from the above, the stewarding numbers may be relaxed, with only one for daily masses but still keeping three at each of our Sunday Masses, where there may be a risk of oversubscription. Stewards may also still be required for funerals.

So while it is no longer necessary to have stewards for the Church to be open for public worship or private prayer, their role remains very useful and valuable, especially as more and more people are returning to Church.

The emphasis now moves towards our stewards being Welcomers. I feel sure that our stewards are willing to continue to do the following which has been so important within our parish:

       v  being a welcoming face/ voice at the door when people arrive, ready to answer questions when asked

       v  handing out (or directing people to) newsletters and mass sheets

       v  providing guidance to anyone who is unsure of procedures recommended (such as for track and trace)

       v  wiping down frequent touch points and a more general wipe down after the last mass of the day

       v  providing advice and encouragement on covid-safe measures, but only if requested or clearly necessary - this includes wearing of face masks, one way system,  coming forward for communion etc

       v  more direct stewarding, if needed, because of larger numbers, funerals etc

5 )


               v  We are now able to revert to receiving Holy Communion at the appointed liturgical time rather than at the end of Mass. This means that you will be able to return to your places for private  
           prayer before the closing blessing and dismissal. But please note:

v  The tables will still be used

v  Orderly lines must be formed, alternately left and right, as now and stewarded

v  Return to your places using the side aisles (if your bench is ‘blocked’, please use the one behind).

v  Worshippers in the side aisles will follow the centre aisles, from the back

v  Although communion in the hand is the preferred norm, communion on the tongue is now allowed; but those so wishing must come to the priest at the end of the ‘normal’ communion as the celebrant must sanitise his hands between each communicant.


               v  We are now able to re-instate the offertory procession, provided the two volunteers so doing are from the same ‘bubble’ and hands are sanitised.

               v  Our stewards will organise this as they did before.

               7) VOTIVE CANDLES

               v  It will once more be possible to light votive candles in front of our Lady Altar; but please observe the following guidelines:

v  Place your money in the slots provided

v  Light your candle from one already lit and place on the stand

v  Do not handle candles unnecessarily

v  Do not congregate around the altar mixing with others

       8) GDPR

We have been advised by the Archdiocese to review our guidelines with respect to GDPR and our live streaming. Our worshippers should not have their privacy compromised while in the Church.

For the most part our congregation is not recognisable on the live stream, save for the back of their heads, and only then during the distribution of Holy Communion.

However, if you feel uncomfortable being visible or recognisable on the stream, please advise Father Michael accordingly and we can ensure that you receive communion outside the scope of the camera.

This is especially true of our children; so if parents or guardians feel the same please speak to Father Michael.


We had an inspection on Wednesday from Birmingham City Council, who are charged with reviewing our Covid 19 procedures and processes.

You will be delighted to hear that the parish passed its inspection with ‘flying colours’; and so hopefully you will feel even safer!

Les Sheldon    H & S Co-ordinator                                                                28 May 2021

29th November


The national lockdown ends at 23.59 on Wednesday 2 December. So with effect from Thursday 3 December Church opening for daily private prayer is now suspended and public Masses will resume as before.
Remember that the Sunday Mass obligation remains suspended at present so if you still feel unable to attend at this difficult time, please watch us on live stream: www.churchservices.tv/suttoncoldfield

10.00am Monday to Saturday.
6:00pm Vigil Mass for Sunday.
9am; 11am & 6:00pm Sunday
10.00am Monday to Friday. 10.00am Sunday 


Christmas Eve Masses at 5.00pm, 7.00pm and 10.30pm
Christmas Day Masses at 9.00am &11.00am


Christmas Eve Mass at 8.00pm
Christmas Day Mass at 10.00am

As there is limited capacity (102), all Holy Trinity Masses will be by ticket only – free of course. Booking will be via dedicated email address and phone number which will be available next week. Guidance will be given when making the booking so that family ‘bubbles’ can be accommodated and the rule of six applied. More details to follow.

Based on last year’s numbers there should be no need to use a booking system at Sacred Heart.


5 November 2020

You will be aware by now of the second Covid 19 lockdown effective from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 2 December. Despite the fact that no evidence whatever has been produced to suggest that public communal worship has contributed to this second wave of the virus, we are obliged to close our churches from Thursday 5 November.

There will be no public liturgy therefore from 5 November.

We are however allowed certain liturgical celebrations:

  • Streamed Masses with no congregation
  • Funerals with no more than 30 attending
  • Private prayer in church

So with immediate effect

  • Mass will be celebrated on line each weekday at 10.00am; that is from Monday to Saturday inclusive
  • The vigil Mass will be celebrated on line each Saturday at 6.00pm
  • Mass will be celebrated on line each Sunday at 11.00am.
  • Zoom liturgy will recommence on Sunday 8 November at 6.00pm

As these masses are closed to the public they will be streamed as now; but they will also be recorded for those who like to watch at different times

Father Michael wishes to open the church daily for private prayer

So commencing on Thursday 5 November and every weekday from Monday to Saturday inclusive, our churches will be open for private prayer from 11.00am until 12 noon.

It will not be open for private prayer on Sundays.

These church openings will be managed by our stewards as they did during the earlier lockdown, to keep us safe and to comply with Track and Trace requirements.

Details will be published on our website and on the Church doors.


Sacred Heart does not have live streaming and will therefore be closed.

However it will open for private prayer daily from 10.00am until 11.00am

Regrettably certain celebrations in the diary for November – particularly First Holy Communions and Confirmation – will have to be re-scheduled.
But Father Michael will need to discuss this with St Joseph’s School. We shall keep you informed.

Please take time to have a look at the statement issued by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference for England and Wales. CBCEW.ORG.UK

So the schedules are as follows – Remember Holy Trinity Closed

Monday to Saturday inclusive                   10.00am               Mass on Live Stream and recorded         

Saturday only                                                    6.00pm                 Mass on Live Stream and recorded

Sunday only                                                       11.00pm               Mass on Live Stream and recorded         

Sunday                                                                06.00pm               Zoom Liturgy


Holy Trinity OPEN for Private Prayer       Monday to Saturday inc   11.00am to 12.00 noon


Sacred Heart open for Private Prayer     Monday to Friday               10.00am to 11.00am

12th Sept

Dear All supporters and generous Benefactors,
It is with a heavy heart that I write this email.
Unfortunately, due to the on-going situation with Covid19, we are not going to be able to host this years Christmas Day Meal, at Holy Trinity Catholic Church.
After conducting a risk assessment, it was simply not feasible to be able to offer the service that we normally (or adjusted) do, in order to keep safe our service users or helpers.
This incredible event has been running successfully for 15 years thanks to the generosity of Sutton Charities and the parishioners & friends of Holy Trinity Catholic Church. I myself, have been running it for the last 10 years, since the death of the founder, George, RIP. Myself, and all of the many helpers want to again thank you for the continued support over the years, without you all it would not be possible.
Christmas can be an incredibly lonely time and over the years, together, we have made a huge difference to those whom do not have the support of family. In due course, I will be writing to the parishioners and public asking the multitude of donators on social media that we have amounted, to offer support to local food banks over the festive period.
I wish you all the absolute best for the upcoming festive period and hope that you will all continue to support our efforts in providing meals to the lonely and elderly.
Kind regards Peter Stridgen. (The Organiser)

LITURGY FOR CHILDREN—Dear All, I hope you and your families are all well at this difficult time? I have spoken to Fr Michael and having received guidance from the Diocese, there will be NO CHILDREN’S LITURGY in the Autumn Term (Sept. to Dec.)
As soon as we know what will happen in the New Year I’ll let you know. Thanks as always for all your support. If you know of anyone else who might want to join the team then please feel free to pass on my details, Many thanks. Laura.

8th August


I’d like to welcome you back to our Church, as you know from this Sunday we are re-opening our Church for public Masses as usual way:

Saturday Vigil Mass will be at        6.00pm

Sunday Masses are at               09.00am & 11.00am.

Weekdays Masses are at                       10.00am

Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals are back to normal. However the numbers of attending will be limited. You are most welcome to attend Mass as usual. Please follow the instructions of our stewards while approaching the Church for Mass. All Masses at Holy Trinity will be broadcasted on our Live Stream.

CONFESSIONS: for individual confessions will be announced later.


Welcome you all to our SUNDAY MASS after this very difficult time: we are now reopeningthe Church for public Mass at 10.00am, we are soon coming back to Church in normal way. However please wear the mask to protect the spreading of Virus as we are advised by our professionals and government.

Weekdays Mass on Wednesday at 10.00am


Don’t forget that we have many senior citizens living in the
Footherley Nursing Home, they are very vulnerable with this virus and we respect our Sisters’ decision. However when things get better and secure for them, we hope to re-open our Chapel for public Mass in the near future.

PARISH HALLS—All activities in the Halls of Holy Trinity & Sacred Heart will be soon re-opened as we are doing Risk Assessments required before reopen them. Please contact Fr Michael for more information. Please be patient as we are first thinking of your security & safety. Thank you.


See Newsletter




WEEKEND MASSES: (6.00pm on Saturday & 11.00am on Sunday) Saturday : Masses will be at 10.00am & 6.00pm for Sunday Vigil Sunday Mass will be at 11.00am Do not suppose we are going back to normal“. These arrangements are far from normal and have many restrictions. We urgently need more volunteers to help at Mass or stewards to support People at Mass.

WEEK DAYS MASSES: (10.00am) From Mondays—Saturdays: Masses in public will be at 10.00am. You are most welcome to attend Mass as usual. Please follow the instructions of our stewards while approaching the Church for Mass. All Masses at Holy Trinity will be broadcast on our Live Stream.


SUNDAY MASS (5.00pm)
This Sunday, there will be a special Sunday Mass at 5.00pm for public. You are most welcome to join us if you can. This is not a “permanent Mass” for the Parish at this time. During this trial, I am planning this special Mass at this special time until we think it’s safe to be back to normal time on Sunday at 10.00am.

WEEK DAYS MASS (on Wednesday at 10.00am)
There will be a Mass on Wednesday morning at 10.00am during the week. The Church will be opened for Public Mass ONLY on Wednesday during the week. We urgently need more volunteers to help at Mass or stewards
to support people at Mass.

No one is obliged come to Mass.
There is no obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. Instead of attending Mass on Sunday you are encouraged to attend on other available days, or to watch live streamed Masses. See our Holy Trinity Website for more information or how to tune in our Holy Mass on Live.
Some people MUST NOT come to Mass. If you are shielded, self isolating, ill, have symptoms of Covid 19 or are generally infirm and maybe over 70, you should stay at home.
Offertory and Collection There will be no offertory procession during the Mass. Collecting bags will not be passed from hand to hand. There will be collection boxes at the exit points at the rear of the Church for the usual collection of Gift Aid envelopes and for loose cash.

04-07-2020 Superceding previous notices

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The Church will reopen for public Mass from Saturday July 11th 2020. Masses will be at 6.00pm on Saturday 11 July and 11.00am on Sunday 12 July. Do not suppose we are going ‘back to normal’. These arrangements are far from normal and have many restrictions and are set out below. They apply to all the Masses equally. Private prayer will continue for this week only as the 10.00am Masses on Tuesday and Thursday will be public as of July 14 and 16.

The Church will re-open for public Mass on Sunday 19 July when it is planned to introduce a 5.00pm Mass. In addition a facility for private prayer will be introduced - every Wednesday – commencing July 8 from 12 noon until 2.00pm.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING (applicable to both parishes)

❖ No one is obliged come to Mass.
There is no obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. Instead of attending Mass on Sunday, you are encouraged to attend on any other available day, or to watch live streamed Masses. Holy Trinity will have public Mass on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.00am

❖ Some people MUST NOT come to Mass.
If you have been advised to ‘shield’ or self-isolate, are sick, or have the Covid virus (even if not symptomatic) or any of the symptoms of the Covid virus (such as a raised temperature, cold, cough or flu-like symptoms, loss of taste/smell) then you must not come to Mass. If you are over the age of 70 you are also advised to avoid social contact as much as possible, and should take special care if attending Mass. For example, if you need help (such as with walking) from someone who is not a member of your household then you should probably not attend.

❖ Numbers in Church will be STRICTLY LIMITED.
We are applying the ‘one metre plus’ social distancing* . This means that the maximum number who can be accommodated in Holy Trinity at any one time is 50-60. This is a lot more than we usually get at a weekday Mass, but far fewer than we usually see at a Sunday Mass. No more than 60 will be admitted to Church, so you may consider attending Mass on an available weekday rather than on Saturday or Sunday.
For Sacred Heart that number will be about 40-50 depending on the level of stewarding and the demography of the congregation. * the ‘plus’ being the use of face coverings.

❖ There is no toilet
Diocesan guidance and our risk assessment require us to keep the toilets out of use. If this is a problem for you or someone who is with you, you should not come to Mass.

❖ Everyone must wear a face covering.
Inside the Church, face coverings must be worn. These need not be ‘masks’ but must cover both nose and mouth. It is your responsibility to provide the face covering, though some single use masks and gloves are available in Church. The only exceptions are children under 5, and those in the sanctuary (who observe a two metre distance). Anyone with a severe respiratory condition need not wear a mask, but such persons must keep a 2 metre social distance and are perhaps best advised not to come to Mass.

❖ Please observe the one way system in place in Church.
The safety of worshippers is essential; so how people move within the church is most important. Please follow the one-way system in the church and be guided by the stewards at all times.


❖ Arriving and Leaving
▪ Please note that the Church has to be cleaned before and after each Mass by our stewards. It is advisable to try to arrive early to ensure the stewards ample time to show you to your seat before the start of Mass, say 20 minutes.
▪ A steward will show you to an available seat in the Church. Please sit as directed. This will probably not be where you usually sit. Do not move to another place or closer than 1 meter to someone on the same row.
▪ When you enter and leave the Church you will be invited to sanitise your hands. If necessary you will be invited to wear a face covering (which should cover nose and mouth).
▪ There will be no papers available in the porch (all have been removed under instruction accordingly). If you have your own prayer book you must keep it with you all of the time you are in church. At the exit a bin will be provided for the disposal of your gloves and mask.
▪ There will be no candles available for lighting before, during or after Mass.
▪ If you know that you will not be able to walk forward to receive communion or a blessing, please let a steward know when you arrive, so that a priest or minister can bring the sacrament or bless you at the appropriate time. If possible, the steward will ask you to sit at the front of the Church.
▪ At the end of Mass, please do not stay in Church to chat or socialise, but leave as soon as possible, sanitising your hands as you go. Make sure that you take all your property with you. We are instructed that any items found in the Church must be destroyed.

❖ During Mass
▪ The basic intention of the way in which the Mass will be celebrated is to do all things with appropriate dignity and reverence, observing social distancing, yet keeping people in Church for as short a time as possible. Your co-operation with the stewards is essential in this.
▪ There may be some recorded music during Mass, but there will be no congregational singing. Please do not join in!
▪ At the sign of the peace, there will be no handshake or other physical contact.
▪ Some of the Masses are live-streamed (broadcast live on the internet and recorded so that they are available to watch later). At no point does the camera record the congregation, though anyone visible on the sanctuary - including Priests, Deacons altar servers and communicants may be seen.

❖ Offertory and Collection
▪ There will be no offertory procession during the Mass. Collecting bags will not be passed from hand to hand.
▪ There will be collection boxes at the exit points at the rear of the Church for the usual collection of Gift Aid envelopes and for loose cash. You are invited if desired to make a Mass offering place the offering into an envelope at home and post it to Father Michael or Mary Holden with all the details through the presbytery front door. In the case of Sacred Heart you may wish Mgr. Cousins to say a Mass for your intention (which will be private) so post your offering through his door.

❖ Receiving Communion or a Blessing
▪ Communion will be given after Mass, no words being spoken.
▪ The format will be as follows:
▪ After the prayer ‘Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof …’, the priest will hold up the consecrated host, and say ‘The Body of Christ’, to which we all reply ‘Amen’. Then he will hold up the Chalice, and say ‘The Blood of Christ’, to which we similarly reply ‘Amen’.
▪ The priest will then receive communion himself, invite those watching at home to make an act of spiritual communion, then say the prayer after communion, give the blessing and pronounce the dismissal.
▪ Music may then play, as the ministers come to the altar, sanitise their hands and receive communion from the priest, who will hand them a separate ciborium to distribute communion to the people.
▪ Please wait for the Stewards to direct you to Holy Communion. Those sitting in the sides aisles of the Church will go first, (if those places are occupied)
▪ The Priests and/or Deacon and the communicant stand either side of a small table which forms a kind of communion rail. Both will need to stretch out their hands as far as possible. Receiving the host directly onto the tongue is not permitted.
▪ No words will be said at the administration of communion or a blessing. The communicant will of course lift her or his mask to receive communion.
▪ In the case of Holy Trinity, after receiving communion, following the one-way system, the people will go down the side aisles into the porch exiting on the left via the Boswell Road side, and on the other via the presbytery side. Hands should be sanitised on the way out and masks/gloves disposed of in the bins provided.
▪ In the case of Sacred Heart exits will be via the side aisles and out through the main door or the small door on the right as appropriate. Hands must be sanitized and gloves/masks disposed of in the bins provided.
▪ If you need to receive communion in your seat, please stay where you are and a minister will come to you after all others have left.

❖ After Mass
When you have received communion, please leave the Church immediately. Feel free - if the weather permits - to engage in socially distanced chatting outside the Church building or in the car park, maintaining social distancing.
Please note - that these arrangements can and will change, partly as we find better ways of doing things and partly also as legislation and government guidance changes.
All of the above will be reviewed on a weekly basis by your Priests and with your help.
Also, if demand dictates further public Masses may be added in both churches.


Holy Communion to those unable to come to Church
We have been given no direction about this. There is no bar to giving communion now, but we must work within the social distancing guidelines, and also advice about going into other people’s homes. This has changed so often and in such a complicated way that I really don’t know where we stand now, and hope that some clear directions will come soon.

Confessions can be heard on request. Social distancing must be observed, so the confessional cannot be used. Guidance suggests somewhere outside, in the Church grounds. It is recommended that priest and penitent both stand and do not directly face one another.

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals
We are still awaiting specific guidance. All we know at present is that there will be a government limit on numbers of 30 people at these events, wherever they take place.

Children’s Liturgy
There will be no Children’s Liturgy until further notice.

Holy Water
There is no holy water available from the Church. If you wish to have some holy water please bring water in a clean container ask the priest to bless it for you after Mass.

Piety Stall
The piety stall will remain closed at present.

Fr. Michael Ho
4 July 2020